Hey folks! Since it’s been a bit since chapter 4, I want to let you know that chapter 5 is in the works. I hoped to release the first pages by late October, but overloaded myself with work, travel, and convention stuff, and just general creative exhaustion after chapter 4. Doing a comic solo is a lot, it seems.

Rest assured I’m still working hard and excited for this next leg of the story! The whole chapter is outlined, the script just needs to be completed and refined so that the drawing process goes smoothly. We’re ramping up to the halfway point, so my biggest priority is to not rush and bungle the whole thing. :v With so many moving parts and inter-character story intricacies, I think of it like a big tangled necklace that I’m slowly working on de-tangling so I can have something actually nice and functional.

Oh! And some improvements to the website are currently in the works too, including an actually functional shop and an improved fanart gallery. I can’t wait for you to see them!

Thank you for your patience as I get back in the groove of things! Your support and kind comments really keep me going when I get worn out.ย ♥( ยด็ฝ’`*)