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2 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 47

  1. I get the distinct impression that all kinds of insights occurred to these two, if not off-screen, at least by mentally examining the situation. They both are sounding so….rational! O.O

    1. They’ve certainly had some time apart to think :>

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Ch 6 Page 47


It's true, Midori. You can't make Grey do things.

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The first chapter of Centralia is here!! Aw yeah! Huge thanks to my partner Matt for working with me to figure out this website thingy. I can draw and make graphics but I kind of go cross-eyed at HTML and CSS. This comic has been in the works for about 7 years now, through all sorts of vastly different iterations and ideas. I hope you guys will enjoy the culmination of countless hours of head-banging paper crumpling and pencil-snapping lovingly-crafted story! :u And thank you to those who’ve support me through the process and via my Patreon!