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Ch 3 Page 30

Midori and Grey are gonna need a minute.

7 thoughts on “Ch 3 Page 30

  1. No pressure! – He maybe should work on his social skills. Even if there are good intentions, it just doesnt leave a good impression if you say, we are the good guyes – now decide, you dont have much time.

    Just something on the side, how you maybe could interpret the first panel in a quick glancel: The way he stands in front – he looks like he is standing with his back to the door and is doing a good exorcist impression with turning his head 180° around 😉

    1. Yeah, sometimes Ren has to clean up a bit when Forrest’s manners are lacking.

      And yeah… I’ve fixed the first panel a little, hopefully it looks less, er, demonic. It might be a little confusing because the back stripe of his coat could be seen as a front zipper.

      1. A job i dont wish someone.

        Its not that bad, like i said if you just take a quick glance at it you might think that way, but i think its not the zipper that can give this expression, its more how his hoodie hangs around his neck (i think most of us just have this normal view that its more loose in the front then at the back).

        But it just happens here because he gets surprised and takes a step back – i mean in such a world you have to be on high alert all the time 😉

  2. He SAID quite a few things, and made some sweeping promises, but here is a list of the things his group has actually DONE to prove his sincerity:

    …um, Ren finally gave back the lunchbox? Yeah, that’s about it….

    Yeah, I’m not all that impressed with her either–at least not yet.

  3. Shouldn’t this be page 30?

  4. “I can’t let you guys sleep on it.” Why not!? What’s the rush? I was concerned last page, but this one seals the deal. He’s threatening them with his high and mighty attitude.

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