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GUEST COMIC! “What if…”

I've been travelling, so this week we have an amazing guest comic by Neila! Oh Midori, your head goes to some wild places... Be sure to check out Neila's stuff at tapas.io/Neila, and if you liked this week's comic, why not buy her a coffee? ko-fi.com/A824FP9 I'll be back again Feb 23rd with a fresh update. Thank you for your patience!

4 thoughts on “GUEST COMIC! “What if…”

  1. Haha this is too believable xD

    1. RIGHT?! I think Midori would 100% be thrilled if Grey had laser vision >__>

  2. 1st reaction: I love Midori’s expression in panel 3.
    2nd: If Grey could see her reaction in panel 2, the dialogue in 3 would be superfluous. ;-}}
    3rd: ‘No more booze’? definitely the right choice.

    1. Haha panel 3 is pretty darn adorable. And yeah I suppose a downside of laser vision is not being able to see your surroundings, including your friends’ looks of awe and wonder!

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