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  1. Delta-v

    Yay! Comic! ^^

    Hmmm. How is Midori going to convince them that she’ll have her head in the game THIS time?

  2. William30Darby

    I’m wondering the same thing… although, I guess since she’s the only walking superhuman EMP in the group at the moment, that makes me think she is still an asset

  3. Delta-v

    I personally beieve that she learned her lesson, and can now be trusted. Since Ren almost got killed last time, I’m guessing that if she’s okay with it, Forest will go along. We’ll see. 🙂

  4. Delta-v

    Um, Michelle? I could swear in a court of law that I clicked on the “reply” button to reply to @William30Darby’s post, but it came up as a regular post instead. O.O

    It’s not a big deal, because there are ways to reply that don’t need to be indented, and I am perfectly capable of screwing things up no matter what my memory says, but on some distant day when you have a bit of time to spare, could you have a look at it? Thanks. 🙂

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  1. Devika


    • Michelle

      Thanks so much! <3

  2. William30Darby

    Sorry for saying this so late, but congrats Michelle!

  3. curiousme

    I wonder if the city is being powered by these missing people.

  4. curiousme

    i wonder if the evil company is using the missing people to power the city?

  5. curiousme

    also this comic is awesome..

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