Chapter 5 Pg 7
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  1. Stevey
    • Updated ;>

      (I don’t actually want to draw all that water over the next several pages!!)

      • Stevey

        OMG I didn’t expect you to change the comic 😀 I was just pointing out the relevant trope…

        • Michelle

          Haha I appreciate it in this instance, because I would have stopped drawing the effects in the following pages and noticed the inconsistency after the fact 😡 tired artist brains overlook these things.

  2. Delta-v

    So begins the long trek to restive safety. Now I’m waiting to see the alternate exit path. ^^

    Thanks SO much, Michelle, for the increased contrast in the text in the comments. I was getting by fairly well, but I had a really bad day seeing things in general, and it caught up with me. ><

    This is lots clearer–you're the best <3 <3

    • Michelle

      No problem! I saw your comment and realized it was pretty poor contrast between text and background hues. I’m still tooling around with things, but hopefully this is more accessible.

  3. William30Darby

    I’ve told myself plenty of times to just “walk it off” hahaha

    • Michelle

      Sometimes you have to..!

  4. Doom

    I continue to enjoy the current TopWebComics vote incentive. Midori’s pink coat and boots are so cute!

    • Michelle

      Aw I’m glad!! I should update it now that it’s springtime, huh?

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  1. William30Darby

    Don’t worry about it 🙂 Besides, who wants to be working when they’re on vacation? You should be out enjoying the sites and having fun. Enjoy the great island nation of Japan, and we’ll talk more when you return. Stay safe over there!

  2. Sumater

    Maybe set up an automatic update queue for next time?

    • Michelle

      Ah, actually the pages were all in progress and I was intending to work on them during my trip. So none were 100% completed yet.

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