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  1. Delta-v

    I’ll wait patiently, and hopefully for your triumphant return. ^^

    • Michelle

      Thanks so much Delta!! I can’t wait for you to see the next chapter 😀

  2. William30Darby

    A functional shop? I can’t wait to see it! Take care Michelle; I patiently await the next chapter 🙂

    • Same here! XD You’d be surprised how hard it’s been to implement something like that on the site.

      Thank you for all your patience, I really look forward to your thoughts on the next chapter!

  3. Spud

    Better to take the time to do it properly than to hurry and have something half-baked.

    • That’s my goal! I’m feeling pretty good about the direction of the chapter so far so I should be able to get started on drawing in the near future. Thanks so much for your patience!

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  1. Devika


    • Michelle

      Thanks so much! <3

  2. William30Darby

    Sorry for saying this so late, but congrats Michelle!

  3. curiousme

    I wonder if the city is being powered by these missing people.

  4. curiousme

    i wonder if the evil company is using the missing people to power the city?

  5. curiousme

    also this comic is awesome..

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