Ch 5 Page 8
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  1. Delta-v

    More security bots! And not a handy piece of pipe to be seen anywhere….

    I’ve always enjoyed your action scenes, Michelle, but this is my absolute favorite so far. ^^

  2. Stevey

    I wondered what she just got injected with. Magic serum that makes her a Lumico sympathizer? Or would that be too contrived?

    • Delta-v

      I think it’s the same stuff they used on THIS GUY. I’m guessing that it’s some sort of knockout drug, since if they just wanted to kill, a blade would be simpler.

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  1. William30Darby

    Don’t worry about it 🙂 Besides, who wants to be working when they’re on vacation? You should be out enjoying the sites and having fun. Enjoy the great island nation of Japan, and we’ll talk more when you return. Stay safe over there!

  2. Sumater

    Maybe set up an automatic update queue for next time?

    • Michelle

      Ah, actually the pages were all in progress and I was intending to work on them during my trip. So none were 100% completed yet.

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