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  1. Delta-v

    “you can’t see” or “I won’t show you”? ^^

    I have blue eyes and brown hair without being genetically modified, so his looks wouldn’t be that much of a tip-off.

    Love her suggesting that his attitude was a genemod. <3 ^^

    • Michelle

      True, it’s not impossible, though bright blue eyes+black hair is a rarer combination than brown hair+blue eyes.

      Scientists are still trying to locate the sarcasm and grouchiness genes, so his attitude is 100% natural!

      • Delta-v

        I also like her expression (which I just noticed) when he told her not to be a perv for thinking of asking what she was apparently thinking of asking. ^^

        I love this comic. <3

        • Michelle

          Bahaha yes! Though who can know for sure what pops up in Midori’s mind… XD

          So happy you love it, that just makes my day to hear!

  2. Devika

    Frames 2 and 4 are so perfect xD

    Good luck with the kickstarter!

    • Michelle

      Glad you like those XD It’s nice to show these two finally getting along… in their own weird way.

      And thank you so much!! So far so good!

  3. Riverfox237

    Noooooooo I’m caught up DX
    Sooo glad he made the clarification for her not to be a perv. (Thanks so much for keeping your comic clean, btw! That’s… unfortunately rare these days???)
    This is SUPER intriguing and I can’t WAIT to see what happens! I haven’t read a good quality well-paced mystery like this in a while! You really know how to leave us hanging while feeding us the info we need at the right time!
    I’m really intrigued to learn more about Grey. All things considered, it does seem a little odd that he would just drop everything to help this random amnesiac girl. I guess something about her search really struck a cord with him; like he said, maybe he just wants to hope that SOMEONE will succeed where he failed. Still, I’m curious about where he works and what was going on in his life – or perhaps there wasn’t really ANYTHING going on in his life, and that’s why he can afford to simply dive into this adventure with her.
    Regardless, I really like how they’ve built up this solid friendship. It doesn’t feel like the cliche sudden romance thing but a real bond formed around a mutual goal and a sense of trust in each other. And I like how Midori is drawing out his better side; you can tell he puts on a front of da ‘tudes but she seems to bring out his lighter side. ^^
    Really enjoying this so far! Can’t wait to find out what Grey’s other gene mod is and find out more of what’s happening! =Dd

    • So glad you’re liking the comic!! I greatly enjoy reading all your comments! :> Yeah, haha, aside from language and violence I try to keep it pretty clean. I dislike random fanservice, I find it cheapens the story and exploits the characters in a way that makes me uncomfortable. There’s a time and place for everything, and shoehorning that stuff in at the wrong time can be very off-putting.

      Glad the mysteries are keeping you intrigued, too! What I can say about Grey for now is, yeah, he sees a similar cause in Midori’s search for Weiss, and he also feels some camaraderie in her being another gen-mod. I’m really happy to hear you’re enjoying the friendship growing between these two, and I hope you’ll like what’s to come in the future pages!

  4. SilentSooYun

    Came for the art, stayed for the story.
    The cyberpunk vibe is real 🙂

    • Michelle

      Awesome, so happy you’re liking the comic! And the cyberpunk-iness 😀 Hope you like the coming updates!!

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