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  1. Baron

    Oh cool first comment

    It always seems when you try to describe how two people met there’s always one weird part that csn be taken out of context

  2. Grey, the way you try to explain it doesn’t help getting this animal picture out of the head 😉

    Oh my god – Midoris face in panel four is just amazing and Poor Lori, this isn’t her day, always somehow in the “firing line” – poor girl.

  3. Morgan

    “You had a giant lead pipe!”
    Ahhh Grey’s my favorite.

  4. Delta-v

    Ren, if you persist in treating Lor like a child, that’s all she’ll ever be. ><

    Aaand Midori and Grey are back to 12-year-old level flirting (at least Midori is). Pretty adorable, I call it. ^^

    Once again, Michelle, you are nailing it on all the expressions! (Midori's smiling razzberry in panel 5 is my personal favorite. ^^)

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  1. Devika


    • Michelle

      Thanks so much! <3

  2. William30Darby

    Sorry for saying this so late, but congrats Michelle!

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