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One thought on “Ch 6 Page 30

  1. Just what a roomfull of critical components needs: Bullets ricocheting wildly about. Lumico may well need that drive to reinstall the data that these two nitwits destroy. ^^

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Ch 6 Page 30


No looking back now.

Colors by Hades- Twitter

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Looking for Guest Submissions!

Hey all! One more page to go for chapter 1! As the first part of Centralia wraps up, I’m opening submissions for guest art while the comic takes a holiday break. Guest submissions will link back to your art blog or webcomic, and will be retained in the archive. So be sure to include those if you send something! Main requirement is that all work Centralia-related. ;d If you’d like to have your guest comic or artwork hosted on the site, please send it to michellestanfordart@gmail.com with the subject as “Centralia Guest Art”. Thanks folks! And now, a hamster celebrating Christmas. 🎄 hamster