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Centralia 2050 chapter 7 page 7

6 thoughts on “Ch 7 Page 7

  1. The “Archive” page seems to be missing the most recent pages here

    1. All fixed. Thanks for the head’s up.
      It’s unfortunately a manual process to add things to the archive, so sometimes I forget to update it when things get busy. ^^;

  2. Poor Midori! I’m glad that she at least she doesn’t have to be alone.

  3. This was a wonderful page to read. I find it sweet that Midori went right for the one person she feels safe with. Like a little sister who just wants her big brother close by so she can feel safe in the night.

    -William Darby

    1. Thank you!! I’m so glad it could resonate (´・ᴗ・ ` )

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Ch 7 Page 7


Just a dream... though reality isn't much easier.

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(shoutout to my friend for rolling in with that Grey-appreciating username)

That’s right, we have a Discord! With social media being what it is (bad and messy), my hope is this can be a better hub for folks to get comic updates, streaming notifications, and hang out. Most of all, I wanted to make a lil space for fans of the comic to talk to each other! You can join the Discord here— be sure to read and accept the rules so you can get access to the entire server!

Also a shoutout to everyone for being so incredibly patient this year. 2023 has truly been a rough one, and I’m not thrilled with my slow output; I had hoped to be much much further along in chapter 7 by this point. This year’s brought a lot of surprises, some good, some terrible. Keeping up with it all has taken a sledgehammer to my mental health at times, and I’ve only just started to heal from some pretty powerful burnout. So thank you for being kind while I do what I need to stay on top of life chaos, manage my health, and not burn out again!

That’s it for now; hope to catch you in the Discord!