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4 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 36

  1. Oh crap, it’s the scene from the cover! So intense!

  2. “…more useful alive…”? Does that mean that some of the missing gen-mods are still alive? O.O

    1. There is that, but I was also thinking that Lumico has just made it clear that Midori is a target for something (obviously) nefarious.

  3. Low Blow, Midor, LOW BLOW!!!

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Ch 6 Page 36


No thoughts. Head hurty.

Colors by Hades- Twitter

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Temporarily on Hold

Hey all. Unfortunately the colorist for Centralia had to quit suddenly for personal reasons, and as such I’m going to have to pause the comic while I travel for the holidays and resume looking for a new colorist. Thanks for your patience while I work it out.

PS this is NOT announcing a hiatus, I’ll be doing my best to quickly get the train back on the rails but unfortunately this all happened right before I’m due to be travelling for a week.