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Centralia 2050 chapter 7 cover

Ch 7 Cover


Whoa hey hi! It's been a while, but chapter 7 is coming! Suffice it to say, 2023 has been roundly kicking my ass. Sometimes in a positive way, sometimes in an incredibly terrible way. But through it all I've been finding time to work on the comic and its upcoming Vol 2 Kickstarter, which you can read up about here!

But for now... who's ready to return?

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Centralia 2050 volume 2 kickstarter promo

4 thoughts on “Ch 7 Cover

  1. an update , yeahhh !!!

    1. Yes!! Excited to be back!

  2. Saw the printed version of V1 knocking around Anime Expo last week.

    1. Oh, that’s awesome! I gave two panel presentations that weekend, so I had some books for sale :>

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