Comic and website update!

Hi all!

Some of you have been wondering about the comic’s updates and chapter 5’s progress. I admit I’m not super great about reporting my progress, mostly because I only like to show up with good news. So, I’d like to improve that.

I’m currently working on the final 7 pages of the chapter, while also gearing up to reveal a website re-design. Which I’m very excited about and I can’t wait to show to everyone! Hopefully, it will run more smoothly than the current setup (especially the comments section).

Admittedly this chapter has really been kicking my ass, and finishing it has been a much bigger challenge than I had anticipated. The current, actual dystopian world we’re living in has crushed a lot of my and my peers’ artistic and creative energy, and it seems that there’s no amount of self-care that can restore it completely right now. So I’ve been pushing through, but it’s been a real struggle. I find myself in a weird space where the me who wrote and roughed out this chapter is a lot different from the me who’s tasked with finishing it. Sometimes I wonder if the present me forgot how to draw. It’s a weird space to occupy. All I can ask is that you bear with me while I get the work done.

Thanks to everyone who reads and enjoys Centralia, who leaves their thoughts and comments, and who support the comic on Ko-Fi! Some days I don’t feel deserving of such support given how painfully slow I’ve been working. But if you’re willing to stick it through with me, then I owe it to you guys to keep trying, even if it’s really hard right now.

Thank you as always,

6 thoughts on “Comic and website update!

  1. Michelle,

    Look at it this way: Considering the general direction of current trends, 2020 will be soon remembered as “the good old days”. See, silver lining already!

    Hang on tight. Never despair.

    1. Well, at least we’ll always have comics, yes? :’)

      Thank you, I’ll keep pushing forward!

  2. Thank you for creating and sharing Centralia 2050 with us. It’s on my favorites list so I can easily check almost every day (regardless of update frequency) and vote on top web comics.

    1. Thank you so much Lloyd, I really appreciate that!!

  3. I mean…he’s not wrong….

    1. Oops, sorry, wrong post

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