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Ch 2 Page 17

Vehicles have become the new skyscraper. ;u; GREY WHY DON'T YOU RIDE A SKATEBOARD INSTEAD?!

7 thoughts on “Ch 2 Page 17

  1. Oh my god imagine him owning a segway. Intense segway hunt through the city

    1. LMAO. “Yeah that is a pretty cool bike. Anyway, my segway’s over here.”

  2. I half expected it would be called “Vicky”. Suppose you’re not an “Awaken” fan?

    1. Sorry, I haven’t heard of it D:

  3. My word I love her so much. XD

  4. Her reaction… ;’D <3

  5. I take it she is not familiar with sexual innuendos that would involve naming often-used objects. Or rather, the invitation of sexual jokes that such a thing asks for.

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