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Ch 3 Page 11

Of things I want to hear an acquaintance tell me, "I have video footage of you" ranks pretty low. By the way, Centralia is in the top 100 list on Top Web Comics!  If you want to bump the ranking up more, you can vote for the comic here! You can vote once per day per machine. Thank you for your readership and support!

6 thoughts on “Ch 3 Page 11

  1. I’ll bet it’s from a security camera, and cuts off suddenly. ^^

    The once-a-day restriction has holes in it. >>

    1. Does it? I wasn’t aware, besides being able to vote from different computers.

      1. Every few months, something happens, and you can vote more often until they fix it. Also, from time to time, the hour in which the voting period ends will change by seven hours.

        1. Y’know, there have been times where I’ve voted and could’ve sworn it was too early to vote again. Interesting D:

  2. Gotta remember to read the lil girl with a man’s voice, lol

    1. XD Right! Would’ve been easier to convey in animation… we’ll just have to imagine.

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