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Ch 4 Page 2

Is it... your permanently angry eyebrows?

12 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 2

  1. That little cleaning robot!!! Aaaa!!! <3

    I love the environment in this page, it tells us so much about the world. You even added an "how to order" sign!

    1. Glad you like the environment! 😀 I was inspired by the automatic cafes in Taiwan. Seems like something that would catch on in the U.S. .

      1. There used to be something like this in the U.S.; they were called “automats”, Horn and Hardart being the most famous chain. They were slowly destroyed by fast-food chains like McDonald’s.

  2. Hello, where can I read the previous chapters? Or is it kinda like starwars? Either way, i came upon your comic and loved it. Great work, looking forward for more!

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it! 😀 You can start at the first chapter by clicking “first” on the navigation bar under the comic, or checking out the archive page linked at the top of the site.

  3. Look up “Automat” on Wikipedia. The U.S. has had something like it for 115 years. 🙂
    (I was going to post a link, but I didn’t know if this plug-in would support HTML, and while I’m at it, how do we sign up as a member of it?)

    1. Ah, neat! I’ve never seen any in the U.S. . Which is a little surprising considering I’ve lived in and around major cities all my life.

      I’m not sure if HTML links work in the comments, I’ve yet to give it a try. Still trying to figure out the inner workings of this thing.

      1. Well, here goes. First, a simple italic command, then for all the marbles, VOTE HERE to help put Centrailia 2050 on top.

        1. I guess that answers that. ^^

        2. Awesome! Thanks for testing that out (and the vote link :D)!

  4. Look! Automats came back!

    1. Yes! Haha. There’s one in San Francisco, it serves all quinoa because of course it does. :B

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