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Ch 4 Page 34

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12 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 34

  1. Poor girl 🙁
    Not knowing who she is and the only one who might be someone she knew might be just an illusion.

    I like this page. This scene is in my eyes not that easy to recreate in drawn form, but you got it, you feel the loneliness and sadness of Midori, but also you get the feeling that even in this darkness, she is sitting in a very big room – and i am just a sucker for ominous lights 🙂

    1. Honestly I don’t think it has even occured to midori that this girl may just be an illusion. Something is way off about Midori I think I mean she is so focused on finding the girl she never once seemed to give much thought to her amnesia. Like that does not even bother her…

      1. I think for her its the only important part at the moment. It’s something that lets her forget everything around her, and can you blame her for it. She suddenly “wakes” up in the middle of the street, no one really noticing her only this little girl and she has the feeling she is important.

        I somehow understand her for wanting to know more, but on the other hand, like you said, she is focusing too much on her to forget everything around her. Its hard in my eyes to see how too feel, should i be sad or mad at her.

      2. At this point, Midori maaay start having some doubts… or, maybe she’ll cling closer to her convictions?

    2. Glad you like the page! I’ve been having fun drawing ominous things. But yeah, poor Midori…

  2. “You have returned to me, my child.”

  3. “Midori, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s dark in here and we might actually die.”
    – The Voice of Reason That You Constantly Ignore

    1. “It’s fine! We’ll just find Weiss after we’re dead!”
      -The voice of irrational hastiness that’s gripping hard on the steering wheel

  4. I wonder if the lights are not eyes but rather a projector

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