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Ch 4 Page 4

22 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 4

  1. At least we know Midori watched to many movies XD

    Great work on th first three panels – great atmosphere, i just love everything with rain (sorry, to all the sun lovers, i am more the rain person^^)

    1. I’m a rain person too :> nothing beats feeling snug indoors on a rainy day~

  2. Personally, I love the last panel. Their relationship has improved to about a 14-year-old flirting level. This is a major step for Grey, who now feels comfortable enough with her to be silly. 🙂

    1. They’re leveling up! XD

      Definitely a big change for Grey, though a side he still keeps from most everyone else.

  3. Well that’s a great use of gen-modding! But for realz, dude, getting lung cancer seems counterproductive to their work.

    1. Unless…. unless Grey has been gen-modded to run off cigarettes?

  4. Author comment aside. I think if they have that much gen-modding available they can treat or prevent lung cancer.
    Loved how the people out on the street are both faceless and individual as well. The grandpa with the scarf and his hands in his pockets stood out. as did the tiny robot in the first panel.

    1. TRUE, though gen-modding is primarily done in-utero; either way, probably best to avoid smoking :’D

      Glad you like those crowd shots! I try to give everyone a little something about them.

  5. I know I keep saying this but I looove their personalities and little jabs at each other.

    1. I’m glad! It’s fun to finally show these two getting along in their own way :>

  6. Theory: Midroi (am i spelling that right?) is a robot. Its just I vibe I’m getting. Its already been hinted at that humanoid robots exist in this world (the guy whos arm sparked when Midroi him, also another hint to the fact Midroi is a robot cause you would have to be pretty strong to dent metal) and we definitely know that robots exist anyway.

    Anyway just a theory dreamt up, but awww theyre so Cute together!

    1. Close, it’s Mi-do-ri (it means green!) c:

      Interesting theory! Of course I won’t confirm or deny anything, that’s no fun~ but I do love hearing these hypotheses!

  7. Grey’s last comment, ‘You’re just weird.’ reminds me that I have a t-shirt that says:
    ‘If people think you’re weird, you’re probably just intelligent.’

    It’s just coincidence that I happen to be wearing it right now. ;-}}

    And now for something completely different: I expect that by 2050 we will know just how and why tobacco causes (or promotes) cancer. That would mean that Grey’s cigarettes may not be harmful in the first place. If my hunch is right though that will be complicated to do since I suspect that the cancer promoting factor in tobacco is actually the nicotine. (It’s an angiogenesis promoting factor and helps tumors become malignant.)

    1. I think weird’s a good thing! Usually.

      Interesting, I was of the impression that the preservatives in cigarettes were carcinogens; it could be both, though. In any case, my outlook on cigarette companies is pessimistic and I don’t foresee them being cowed into making a better product anytime soon.

  8. Michelle is such a great drawer/author I wish I was her…

    1. Aw thank you!! <3 It took many years of practice to get there; you can get there too!

  9. My first thought on the first panel: Has the little cleaning robot from the café run away to expose Grey and Midori to the bad guys?!
    I´m clearly delusional 😉

    1. GASP! He was a spy the whole time! XD

  10. HE is smilling more c’:: <3

    1. Just needed someone who can make him smile! :’>

  11. Hey, there’s that cleaning bot again!

    1. Cleaning bot is true MVP!

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