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Ch 5 Page 10

Midori, definitively, does not lift. Centralia turned 3 on the web this month! Which means, the yearly hosting fees are due right alongside taxes. :') I'll be honest, hosting doesn't come cheap; If you've been enjoying the comic so far, I'd greatly appreciate any level of support over at Ko-Fi! Here's to another year of comics!

9 thoughts on “Ch 5 Page 10

  1. All the time planing for this nobody thought to maybe bring a gun or heck even a baseball bat? ohh she sweating that’s not good…

    1. Yeah, they didn’t plan for Midori to bungle things, which was admittedly an oversight 😀 ;;;

  2. Things aren’t looking good for our heroines! They’re both in pretty rough shape

    On a separate (but sort of related) note, I thought it would be cool to share this cocktail recipe called a “Midori Sour”!
    Check it out here: https://youtu.be/1qhF0YHAWxw

    When I shared this video with Michelle, she had an awesome idea: Centralia 2050 themed cocktails! Any of you out there who know how to mix a cocktail, feel free to share your ideas! I think this is an awesome idea and we’re looking forward to reading everybody’s suggestions

    1. Yes please, I would love dystopia/character-themed drinks :’)

      1. For Lor, I was thinking of some kind of spin on the Shirley Temple, as she has claimed she is not old enough to drink. For Grey, maybe a cocktail that has something with some smokey notes to it; maybe something with scotch in it? A cocktail themed around Forest should have tequila in it XD And, lastly, I think Ren’s cocktail could be a modified Long Island Iced tea? Something that would hit you fast, and knock you on your ass (kinda like Ren, lol)! Those are my ideas so far anyway. Anybody else have any ideas?

  3. Well. at least they managed to get outside–pity that Lumco now knows about the incursion, and can take steps to mitigate the data loss.

    1. Let’s hope the data loss mitigation doesn’t involve person-loss of Midori and Ren >>

  4. I have a feeling we’ll get some tiny deus ex machina action in next page (not that there’s something wrong with that)
    also I love how creative you are with perspective in the whole comic but this page is just a reminder of how amazing you are with it

    1. Aa thanks so much RandomFox! 😀 I’m glad you like the perspective!

      And yeah, it seems Midori and Ren miiight not be able to pull out of this one just on their own, but we’ll see…

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