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Ch 5 Page 3

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8 thoughts on “Ch 5 Page 3

  1. Well, apparently it wasn’t electrified…

    …or Midori has even more powers than we thought. O.o

  2. You know, if she can dodge that well, she could probably bait it into breaking open an exit for her.

    1. Now there’s an idea…!

  3. This comic takes a very strange direction o.O
    Joking aside, love the energy in this page 🙂
    You are getting really good with motion.

    1. Thank you!! Glad you like the action 😀

  4. Let’s see… Midori, the one who runs from trouble, is passive and timid… no, wait, that would be ‘bizzarro world Midori’. ;-P

    I like this one better. 🙂 And the action here is just great, I can almost feel the adrenaline pumping just reading it. Also she is doing a great job dodging, aided I think by the impairment she’s inflicting with her interference. I also think she really has the key point of ‘fighting for your life’ down solid: There is no ‘fair’ or ‘honorable’, you win or you die. Dying is bad, winning is good, so do whatever works. (And never apologize for still being alive.)

    1. Yes, finally, Midori’s aggressive instinct is well-placed XD as opposed to picking fights with random rude civilians.

      I’m glad you like the action here! It’s good to know the energy comes off well.

  5. Super strength activated!

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