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Ch 5 Page 43

Grey will have to work a little harder than that to get Midori's ear. Enjoy the update? Show the love via Ko-Fi!

5 thoughts on “Ch 5 Page 43

  1. People who think new technology is scary: “humanity is playing god”

    Just one generation later: “I can’t understand how my parents got by without _____”

    1. Yeah, if you have the technology to save someone’s life then using it and not using it are both ‘playing god’ so that’s not a meaningful point.

  2. *Sigh*

    Let’s start with: “That wasn’t what he said about gen-mods, Grey.” And move on to: “Pretending doesn’t work if other people know the truth, Midori.”

    Real conversations have to be, well, REAL. ><

  3. Not to mention “There’s a difference between me pretending I’m not a gene-mod, and someone wanting us all dead.”

    1. Especially when the one who MIGHT want them dead already KNOWS you’re a gene-mod. 🙁

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