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Ch 5 Page 8

Nono this is fine we can still save this--

9 thoughts on “Ch 5 Page 8

  1. More security bots! And not a handy piece of pipe to be seen anywhere….

    I’ve always enjoyed your action scenes, Michelle, but this is my absolute favorite so far. ^^

    1. No, sadly Midori’s unable to find her weapon of choice here…

      I’m glad you like it! It’s good to know my action pages have been improving 😀

  2. I wondered what she just got injected with. Magic serum that makes her a Lumico sympathizer? Or would that be too contrived?

    1. I think it’s the same stuff they used on THIS GUY. I’m guessing that it’s some sort of knockout drug, since if they just wanted to kill, a blade would be simpler.

    2. turns out it’s just maple syrup

      1. They’re literally trying to turn Ren into the sweetest character ever

      2. So they’re raising her blood sugar to the point where she gets diabetes? Devious.

        1. It’s not only devious; it’s also pure evil

        2. One time raising blood sugar sky high won’t cause diabetes, it takes seriously high sugar intake over an extended period of time (how long and how high depend on things like genetic susceptibility, but still….). I know of one case of a non-diabetic who was out of food and almost out of money (less than $1 change) who went through a store figuring the maximum calories he could get for what money he had left. He bought a 1 lb. box of sugar cubes (probably a good choice) and ate the whole box (NOT good). He hammered his blood sugar so hard that he woke up in the ER of a local hospital being treated for a diabetic coma. (He had passed out on the sidewalk.)

          The ‘Maple sugar shot’ is a clever idea, but probably wouldn’t have much effect. (5 or 10 grams of sugar vs. 1000 grams.)

          I’ve implied but not specifically said (and it’s about time): I love the way you’re telling and illustrating this story!

          (Also, I hope Ren doesn’t have an allergy to Maple.)

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