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Ch 6 Page 13

author Ren has some reservations.


First page on the new website, also first page with our new colorist! More info on the latest blog post below~


Colors by Hades- Twitter

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11 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 13

  1. Panels 2 and 3 are our conversation on the previous page. 🙂

  2. Love the emotion on this page. It’s the first time we see someone really cares about Forrest!

    1. Everybody asks “Where’s Forrest”, but never “How’s Forrest” y’know :’)

  3. “,.Two brothers…”? Does Ren identify as male? If not, that’s quite the backhanded compliment…..
    I really like the new look for the site! Um, does the comment section still support HTML?

    1. Ah, no, Ren stated in an earlier chapter that she had lost her brother in the blackout. She regards Forrest like an older brother, so losing him would be like losing another brother.

      I’m glad you like the new site design!! I think the comment section should still function the same as before :>

      1. Ouch! I didn’t look carefully enough at the tail of the speech bubble. I was attributing it to Forrest. ><

    2. Heya Delta-V.
      I worked on the website. It may be having some trouble displaying html in the comment section. I’ll have to check and see if that can be resolved. Glad you like the look of it though.

      1. Hi, @Matt; I haven’t actually tried any HTML since the site upgrade. I will do so now:
        Link to Centralia 2050’s votino gateway.

        If these work, that’s all it will take to make me happy. ^^

        1. Um, is it possible to add an “edit” function? As you can see, I really NEED an edit function. 🙂

        2. Thanks for pointing these things out Delta-V. It would appear that basic HTML is indeed working in the comment section. Like adding bold or italics, however images don’t seem to be working.

          I’ve also added a time limited edit feature. It seems that part of modernization and security enhancements has restricted the ability for people to change their comments. Commenters should now have a 10 minute window to “edit” by clicking a link underneath their comment.
          I just used it to edit this comment. Hope that helps.

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