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Ch 6 Page 16

author Well... down we go?


Colors by Hades- Twitter

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5 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 16

  1. Hahaha! You found a way to reference masks without being blatant about it!

    So clever! ^^

    1. Thanks! Though to be honest, it ended up being just a strange coincidence :’)

      1. Oh, don’t tell me that! I prefer to think of you as a sly, comic-making genius! ^^

  2. What’s up with the web site? For about two weeks, all I got (in three different browsers) was an empty screen; today there’s an archive page, but the last three pages seem to be missing.

    1. Hi there Brian,

      The theme for the website seemed to hit some sort of error. I was able to restore the site to the archive page you’re seeing now.
      I’m currently working with them to resolve the issue, and we should have it fixed before the weekend is over. As soon as it’s up, Michelle will be able to post the latest page.

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