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Ch 6 Page 28


Sometimes, it pays to be itty bitty

Colors by Hades- Twitter

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3 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 28

  1. I’m moderately sure that “keep going” doesn’t mean “double back and peek”. On the other hand. don’t forget that Midori can also fight, and has even destroyed robots…

    1. I don’t doubt Midori’s physical prowess (she’s obviously got some super human abilities that we’ve all seen her use by now), but I don’t think she knows how to keep her composure in order to stay calm, and control a fight. She panicked when that one security guard caught her by surprise, and Forrest had to rescue her. I don’t blame her, though. Unless you’ve had some kind of intensive hand-to-hand combat training, most of us are going to panic, and resort that fight or flight response without even realizing it.

      I also have a feeling she’s about to do something abrasive (again), which seems to be what puts her, and others, in harms way.

      I think if Forrest were to train her, and show her how to fight, she could become quite formidable.

      1. While she does tend to panic, when she’s cornered, she fights like a tigress. Check out every time she battled robots, first she panicked, then she laid the giant hurt on them. When she got angry, (first at Ren, later the oaf in the oxygen bar), she was all set to do some pummeling.
        Perhaps in the next few pages we’ll see what she’ll do if things go badly for Forrest. ^^

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