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Ch 6 Page 32


Time for a little reunion?

Colors by Hades- Twitter

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5 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 32

  1. Just guessing, here, but I don’t think her reaction will be quite what he is expecting….

    1. You never quite know what you’ll get with her!

  2. I… don’t remember this guy? Even Midori’s brief flashback isn’t helping me remember.

    1. Oh shoot! x: It’d probably be easier to recall if reading this all at once, but as is the nature of webcomics… it has been a while. This is the big dude that Midori squares off with briefly at the end of chapter 1!

  3. It’s all good, Michelle 🙂 Thanks for the reply, and telling us where I could find this elusive coffee hating cyborg/hulk.

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