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Ch 6 Page 53


Time to leave!

PS-- thank you so much everyone for waiting patiently. Finally got through a tough couple of weeks and feel like I can catch my breath again, so I'm excited to get back to comics!! Also, thank you to all who said kind things about my little rattie Scout. ;w; <3

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8 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 53

  1. So the “normals” are turning against the gem-nods they were organized to help? Looks to me like they need a general purge of the hypocrites.

  2. Maybe she should be telling them to think about something for a minute.

    Such as, why was Forrest so adamant about going on this mission himself? For another, he seems very capable of defending himself, and got captured very easily.

    To me this indicated he planned this. He planned on getting caught. Perhaps he has another card to play the others don’t know a out.

    From the way Ren spoke to him earlier about the mission, it sounds like Forrest has a real reckless streak. So yeah, this sounds like something he’d plan.

    1. While I am also suspicious of him, I have to ask; What does Forrest personally gain by allowing himself to get captured?

      1. Well, like I said. Maybe he has something up his sleeve. A way to help the group find everyone who’s been captured perhaps.

        It’s hard to say. It’s more of a hunch. I just feel like he got captured way too easy given his size and obvious athleticism. He was easily overpowering just one guard, he should have had little problem with 2 or 3.

        Maybe he did it to let Midori Escape, maybe he has something planned. It’s hard to say.

  3. Apparantly, this kind of dissension has been lurking amongst the ranks for a while now… the question is, with Forrest absent, and with Rin unable to keep the peace, what’s going to happen to Switch?
    P.S. I haven’t been around in a while, and while I was catching up on the comic, I read your post about Scout. My condolences Michelle.

    1. Thank you so much for the condolences <3

  4. re: thank you so much everyone for waiting patiently.

    It’s all good. 🙂 Worth waiting for.

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