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Ch 6 Page 56


Word, unfortunately, spreads quickly in Centralia.

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6 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 56

  1. Our heroes are probably thinking that their “Fifteen minutes of fame” has been grossly overrated…. ><

    1. Oh, to be able to return to the warm embrace of obscurity…. ;n;

  2. I noticed an error in the second panel. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it should say “…is responsible for several riots…” instead of “…is responsible several riots…”. There are probably other ways to write that sentence too, but regardless, it’s a little confusing to read through that speach bubble as it is right now. Sorry Michelle – I hope you don’t hate me for pointing that out

    1. Aa! Thank you so much for pointing that out, I’ve fixed it!

  3. Now, Forrest’s friends have to tread lightly now that they have been exposed. The shadows are no longer safe.

    1. Very true. And the shadows themselves are getting harder to find 😡

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