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Centralia 2050 chapter 7 page 6

Ch 7 Page 6


Midori finds herself back in a familiar place, much too soon.

(I'm so happy to be back to making new pages!)

Also psst, hey, be sure to check out the Centralia Discord!

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8 thoughts on “Ch 7 Page 6

  1. Yay, welcome back!
    Sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time.
    Just take it easy and we’ll be here for whatever schedule you can make.

    1. Thank you Damoinion, I’m happy to be back and making pages!!

  2. Centralia is back!! And it looks like Midori is having a nightmare.

    1. Yes! To both things!! hahaha

  3. The emotional whiplash I got from happiness at a new page and then reading the page and being heartbroken all over again ;-; I hope that somehow, against the odds, Forrest is okay.

    1. It is quite a page to return with! ;w; But also, so happy that you’re happy for a new page!

  4. Patience rewarded. ^^

    1. So glad it was worth the wait!

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