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Chapter 5 Pg 40

Grey signed up for ... *checks list* ... exactly none of this   Enjoy the update? Show the love via Ko-Fi!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 5 Pg 40

  1. “I don’t hate gen-mods, they just shouldn’t exist.”

    I’m not sure that was the impression Forrest wanted to leave….

    1. Perhaps not! Though, Forrest hasn’t seemed too concerned with Grey’s opinion so far.

  2. For my 2ct, if it kills you, it’s pretty definitely a disease/defect.

    And, sure, maybe it would be fairer if everyone dies . But if that’s fairness, perhaps it’s overrated.
    If life were fair, cows would eat us.

    1. Well, I really don’t want to be eaten by cows…

  3. I’m glad that Grey stood up for himself, and expressed how he feels about being a gen-mod. While I understand why Forrest is upset that gen-mod technology is being used selfishly by parents who want “the perfect child”, Grey has a point. He didn’t ask to be a gen-mod, and it was done to save him. Not only that, but what about gen-mods like Lor, who have to take medication just to stay alive because the procedure was botched? She didn’t ask for that either, and I feel fairly certain that she secretly thinks about what her life would’ve been like if someone didn’t mess with her genetic code.

    1. Thanks as always for the thoughtful comment! True, Grey and Lorelei are two very different cases for gen-mod technology. I guess if things were botched in Grey’s case, he wouldn’t get to find out.

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