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5 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 12

  1. Uh, oh. Ren has Things To Discuss…. O.O

    1. And somehow I don’t think it has to do with poorly-made omelets : x

      1. If she means to talk him out of taking Midori along, she’s left it awfully late.

        1. If talking him out of things is even possible at all…

        2. I enjoy the irony that someone so opposed to controlling the genetics of an unborn child is such a inherently controlling person.

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Ch 6 Page 12

author It's (almost) go time Enjoy the update? Show the love via Ko-Fi!

Website Update+New Colorist Incoming!

Hey folks!

I’m super excited to announce an upcoming new website and new colorist are coming to the comic! So expect a new site design when the new update posts this week, one which I think will be much more cohesive and appealing. A huge thank you to my partner Matt, who took on the task and made something cool out of my really clumsy and vague directions for what I think a website should look like. Create a comic? Yes. Design a website? Uhhhhh

Please be sure to check out Matt’s comic Ruin! I’m biased since I help with story consulting, but I think it’s gonna be a good read! (⭒  ์ ⲳ ์ )

And second piece of news, a new colorist!! I’m very excited to announce Hades as our new colorist, who will be taking my flats and adding all that awesome shading, texture and lighting that make the comic’s art shine. This is a huge help as I am increasingly short on time, regardless of working in black+white or color. My hope is that not only will I be a lot less stressed, which equals better work from me, but the comic will resume a more regular posting schedule.

You can check out Hade’s work on their website and on their twitter! Please give them a warm welcome!