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  1. David

    I mean…he’s not wrong….

  2. Rose Embolism

    This is the point where if Grey is smart, he runs. I mean historically, working for a person who thinks you and your kind should never have been born never turns out well.

    Forrest may say he doesn’t hate Gen-mods, but it’s pretty obvious to me who he’ll be willing to sacrifice for his cause without a tear.

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  1. Fred Mora


    Look at it this way: Considering the general direction of current trends, 2020 will be soon remembered as “the good old days”. See, silver lining already!

    Hang on tight. Never despair.

    • Well, at least we’ll always have comics, yes? :’)

      Thank you, I’ll keep pushing forward!

  2. Lloyd

    Thank you for creating and sharing Centralia 2050 with us. It’s on my favorites list so I can easily check almost every day (regardless of update frequency) and vote on top web comics.

    • Thank you so much Lloyd, I really appreciate that!!

  3. David

    I mean…he’s not wrong….

    • David

      Oops, sorry, wrong post

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