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  1. Ammie

    I saw “Genetic Modification, Type: Germline” and I had flashbacks to my Biotechnology 2 lectures last year, and grinned. A moment of nerding out followed.

    • Michelle

      Yuss! Haha, it’s fascinating stuff, right?

  2. William30Darby

    That, Midori, is a very good question. Even if they dodge this checkpoint, they’re just going to end up running into another one. I’m not ready start trusting Forest again, but he might have a plan. If nothing else, he will help them lay low for a while.

    On a completely separate note, welcome back Michelle 🙂 I hope your holidays were excellent, and you got to spend time with the people that matter the most to you.

    • Michelle

      It’s true, a gameplan is in order >>;

      Thank you! I hope you had a wonderful holiday too. Mine was surprisingly not crazy stressful!

      • William30Darby

        Mine was good, thanks 🙂 Also, the less stress during the holidays the better

  3. Stonefoot

    OK, first, welcome back Michelle, and may you have the goal you want – a healthy and productive year. (And that order is right: healthy first, then productive.) ;-}}

    Annnnnnnd, Midori has the right question. Now the answer? I don’t know that one. Oh well, can’t win ’em all (or ‘this shopping center is not one of the prizes in the contest’ i.e. ‘you can’t win a mall’ – terrible pun, I know, so shoot me.)

    I’d put something in here about ‘Amahl and the Night Visitors’ but it would be better not to. What do you mean ‘Too late’, I haven’t…. {Emily Litella} Never mind.

  4. Delta-v

    Words cannot express how happy I am to see you post again, Michelle, and I’m even happier to hear that things seem to be looking brighter. 🙂

    Just keep us apprised when you need a break, and don’t worry about the frequency. You’re still far more important to us as a friend than as a source of entertainment. 🙂

    Um, Grey Kovak? Is that…. O.o

    • His surname? Yes XD

      Thanks so much for your patience and understanding as always! I’m looking forward to getting back on track and finishing up this chapter.

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  1. Devika


    • Michelle

      Thanks so much! <3

  2. William30Darby

    Sorry for saying this so late, but congrats Michelle!

  3. curiousme

    I wonder if the city is being powered by these missing people.

  4. curiousme

    i wonder if the evil company is using the missing people to power the city?

  5. curiousme

    also this comic is awesome..

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