Ch 6 Page 5
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  1. Matt

    I’m gonna make the best damn breakfast you ever had!

    • We should be grateful she didn’t have access to a microwave

  2. Delta-v

    This page…..was everything I could have hoped for!

    *Sniff* I’m so HAPPY! :’)

  3. William30Darby

    The fact that Forrest just happened to be walking by, right as Midori lost it on those eggs, has to be the cherry on this poor girl’s sh*t sundae. After I read this page I actually said to myself, “Of course, he just HAD to be the one to see her like this!” XD

    • At least she wasn’t actually trying to make sundaes :’)

      It’s true, Midori has impeccable timing in the worst way sometimes, lmao

  4. Tooniator

    It is wonderful to watch the great chefs of Europe at work!

    • Midori studied at the finest Europe food-schools!

  5. Lloyd

    This scene is wonderful. I had to show my wife. Thank you.

    • Honestly that is truly an honor :’)

  6. I just discovered this comic a few days back and have been binging to catch up. I love it!

    Probably everyone will hate me for saying this, but I like the artwork better in black and white. I mean, yeah, I can see why seeing her green hair as green helps in telling the story, but on the other hand, I didn’t get that that was Forrest until I read the comment saying so, in part because his skin isn’t colored dark enough to go with that lecture he gave Grey about prejudice a few pages ago. But that’s not the point, it’s that the b&w looks much more realistic, to me, and much more intense. It’s why all the best movies are in b&w; it tells a story better, especially with good light and shadow, as you’ve consistently done.

    I thought the one page of childhood memory in color was great, emphasizing that that was a better world and a simpler time, but I would have liked to see a return to b&w for the present-time scenes.

    But, it’s your comic, and I’m not going to abandon it however you do it!

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  1. Good to hear from you! Take your time!

  2. EvilKiru

    Thank goodness for RSS feeds!

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