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Ch 3 Page 14

Is is nothing private in this damn city

19 thoughts on “Ch 3 Page 14

  1. Our heroes seem to be a few steps behind in this adventure.

    1. Yeah, seems a lot’s been going on behind the scenes!

  2. Hey, Cool symbol! I’ve got something really similar on my computer keyboard. ^^

    1. Yeah! It’s based on that 😀

      1. I figured that, but I thought it was kinda cute. ^^

        It looks like I might have to revise my thinking about these guys. I still don’t really trust them, but “…the enemy of my enemy…” and all that. 🙂

        1. True! They say a common enemy is great for bringing people together, after all >>

        2. The enemy of my enemy is still somebody’s enemy and probably for a good reason. They have an enigmatic name and a cool logo … ooooh, color me impressed.

    2. That symbol used to be on the front of the computer tower case and was the power symbol; you know, on/off. This symbol is for on/off/other, a single pole double throw switch. Cute.

  3. Whoops. The guy says ‘looking for’ twice.

    1. XD Crap, good catch. Thank you! I’ve fixed it!

      1. But now it says ‘for looking for’.

        1. In the first balloon, I think ‘for looking for’ should be ‘are looking for’. (Editing is like bug fixing in computer programming: there’s no change to a program more likely to create a new bug than fixing an old one.)

          And having Grey’s avatar being a little girl with BIG hair, is sort of mind bending. But maybe you would not be surprised that someone (me) with personal plates on my car that say ‘CHAOS’ would like that.


        2. Typos are all fixed now! I don’t know what happened with my brain and words this week. Thank you for letting me know, I appreciate it!

          While Grey had his avatar pretty much foisted upon him, I’m sure that somewhere deep inside he has a dash of adorableness too XD

        3. Ffffff XD I don’t know what happened to my brain this week… fixed it now, with proof-reading help, so it should be good! I promise I’ll remember English on the next page!

  4. Just sat in the dark at 2am and binge-read everything up to now! I’m enjoying the story unfolding! Super curious about Grey’s past and family situation… The avatars are too funny!! Wonder what Forrest has up his sleeve! To venture a guess: snagging Midori and using her to fight in the rebellion! Possibly … Take advantage of her skills? Maybe he’s a bad guy. And just where did Midori get those lead pipe skills, anyway? Looking forward to finding out!

    1. Aaa, so glad you’re enjoying the comic so far!! :> Especially glad it was worth staying up so late to read, hehe.

      I hope you’ll enjoy the coming pages, though it may be that more questions will arise than answers! D:

  5. What really happened is some maroon at the power plant left his kid alone in the control room on bring your kid to work day. The kid was solving a puzzle game on a phone and, go figure, pressed the self-destruct button. Thus the 2048 blackout ruined everything.

    1. To which the power plant workers had to wonder, “Why DID we install that self-destruct button? And why did we make it so big and appealing?!”

  6. Lumico, that MENACE. It’s a menace, I tell you!
    Parker! Get me pictures of Lumico!

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