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Ch 3 Page 15

Looks like it's back to the real world again! Apologies to anyone disappointed by Grey's return to his man body.

13 thoughts on “Ch 3 Page 15

  1. Midori looks a little disoriented. Is that because the program was shut off so abruptly?

    I guess Grey was actually fortunate in his assigned avatar. Apparently there are more embarrassing options. ^^

    Your use of perspectives continues to impress me. 🙂

    1. Grey doesn’t look especially calm and happy either. But he has presumably been in and out of VR at least a few times before, while for Midori this was (as far as we know) her very first time in VR. Also these headsets have to do quite a bit more than just present synthesized vision and sound for the wearer.

      -They have to ‘read’ the signals the brain is sending out to stand, walk, talk,etc. and translate those to the apparent actions of the avatar (while suppressing the actual signals so the person doesn’t thrash around or gibber sitting on the couch).

      – It has to generate signals in the brain like the ones which would have come from the wearers sensory nerves, so it would feel just like they were actually walking,talking or whatever.

      Ending all this abruptly would be quite a shock even to someone who was expecting it. Midori wasn’t. If she can say “Whoa!” and stand up within the next 10 or 15 seconds she’ll be doing great.

      Now I just have to hold my breath for 6 days. Groannnnnnnnnnn……..

      (Just thought of this:) Want some nasty torture that leaves no (physical) marks at all? Put someone in VR, but gimmick the sensory signals so they’re late by one to three tenths of a second. And change the amount of delay by random amounts at random intervals.

      1. All good points! Tbh I figure the emoting of the avatars is either controlled by voice or scanning of facial expressions. The actions of the avatars probably wouldn’t always perfectly mirror those of the wearer, but it’d be a close approximation.

        And YES that would be a very disorienting method of torture D: I mean, current VR has issues with nausea just from slightly-off framerates…

        1. I got the ‘VR torture’ idea from something a friend showed me in college. With headphones, a microphone, and a bit of stuff in between you can have the person speaking into the mic but hearing themself around two tenths of a second later. It sounds easy, but try it and you can’t say two syllables! While you’re trying to say the second you hear yourself saying the first and everything just freezes up. When it was my turn I found that, after some failed attempts (no doubt hilarious to everyone else), I could partly ignore what I was hearing and speak actual sentences – but I was speaking much more slowly and with a strange, sort of flat, voice. With only sound affected, fortunately, there was no risk nausea.

        2. Interesting! Crazy how delicately the human brain works… and how easily it can be messed with! >__>

      2. Maqkes sense. Thanks, @stonefoot: 🙂

    2. Yeah, haha, she’s definitely not used to the whole VR thing.

      And thank you!! :3

  2. Lor’s shiba inu avatar is sooo cute!

    1. They definitely seem to have a preference for cute things! |D

  3. Your character commented that they only call protests violent when they don’t agree with the statements. While their is some truth to that statement, the inverse is also true. Protests where equipment is smashed, rocks are thrown and fires are set by the protestors are often called non-violent because people, who likely haven’t done all their research, agree with what they claim.

    Personally, if a rock, or a bottle, or anything other than a raised voice is thrown, I’d call it violent.

    1. That’s true as well :] It really does depend on where each person’s coming from, in the end.

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