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Ch 3 Page 32

A nerve might have been struck.

9 thoughts on “Ch 3 Page 32

  1. Oooh, fight angry, fight dirty. ><

    Midori seems to be missing the sub-text. Grey doesn't want to be thought of as, or even to think of himself as "different". In fact, he's pretty intent on avoiding the subject. There's a nerve there, too, and she's stomping on it like it was a bug. 🙁

    1. Midori’s definitely overlooking this. Nerves are being hit on both sides, but… I think it’s fair to say one side has more reason to be upset.

  2. Its a very difficult situation – yes he could have brought it up, but on the other hand, he is right, that he couldnt know if it is something she knew of (at least until he saw her reaction when the one man said “people like you”), and also its something that makes him uncomfortable meaning, that he knows how it feels if people look down on you because you are something “else” in the eyes of the other people. But also saying nothing wasnt a clever idea. He knew what the problem is, and maybe together they would have found a solution to find out what happend…..Yeah a situation where you only could loose at first sight, but i think i understand both sides.

    One thing i really like about this page (and something that you use really in great effekt over the whole story so far) is how you not only use speech but also their faces and body language. Its something not every artist tries to combine. It looks great and gives it a very fantastic feel.

    1. Very true! Grey probably could have handled it better… but he also wants to feel normal. Bringing up the topic of gen-mods only reminds him of his status as “other”.

      And thank you! I do my best to layer the storytelling through the dialogue, character acting, and environments. :> I’m glad it comes through well on this page!

      1. You are nailing it, no joke 🙂
        One reason why i love your comic is that the characters, even in this “Sci-Fi” story, feel “real” – meaning you never have the feeling that they only react in this situation because they need to – and the same can be said about the world. Yes its a dystopia, but one that is more real than it first appears.

        1. I’m glad! That may be partially because I didn’t set out to write a sci-fi from the beginning… it just naturally evolved into that as I developed the story. The characters were always first and foremost.

  3. I just realized something – The whole time i am reading Centralia there was something that was bothering me (not in the bad way, more in a positive way) but i couldnt point out what it was. Abter looking at this page again, i found out what it was: Weight and Gravity…

    I havent seen it that often, that artists try (even if its unintentional) to give their worlds some kind of feel. Even some of my favorite comics dont do that to some point.

    I just realized it here because of two parts: First Greys cigarette smoke, its not something static, its in motion and second the jacket Midori wears – which at first glance everyone can think its a more heavier model, but you can see the real weight while she jumps up and storms to Grey.

    I think i should get another hobby, people are right that i am going crazy if i look at such points/details -.-

    1. No way, artists LOVE when people notice these things! There’s a ton of tiny details I work into the writing and artwork that I honestly don’t think most people are going to notice >>; and yet… people DO notice if you don’t include the details, even if they don’t know what they are. It’s interesting. In any case, I’m happy that you notice the little things!

  4. It seems gen-mods like Midori’s are as common as people dyeing their hair or getting a tattoo. My bring up something which in her case is as blatantly obvious as her race?

    On the other hand, if most of the missing are gen-mods, then it might be relevant. But out of a city of probably millions, only a handful of people disappearing, even in a cluster, isn’t all that unusual. Plus given that gen mods are so common and so accepted by mainstream society just like hair dye and tattoos are in ours, is fact that all these people of different genders (or gender identities), ages, socio-economic backgrounds mods really relevant? It could just be a coincidence.

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