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Ch 3 Page 33


7 thoughts on “Ch 3 Page 33

  1. So this is why he wanted her to stop on their way to the train yard….that explains some things. But maybe he should have been a little bit more open with her, i know its hard – to open up to a stranger, but trying to hide behind a strong mask, doesnt make it easier, and then something like this happens….

    1. Yeah, while it’s understandable that he’s upset by Midori’s selfish behaviour… he never exactly opened up to her, either.

  2. This is a bit out of left field–I love it! ^^

    I also love then expressions and body language. The sub-text that I’m taking away from this, is that, even though they are arguing a bit angrily, there’s still a bond of friendship there. Grey is sharing a deep wound that he would probably NEVER mention to someone he doesn’t trust.

    You’re doing great–keep it up. ^^

    1. Yay, glad you like it! :> and I’m happy to know the tone is coming across well. It’s true, Grey is a pretty private person… but their friendship won’t go anywhere if he keeps Midori in the dark.

  3. I KNEW IT

  4. I KNEW it!

  5. Well how can she feel bad for you if she doesn’t know your tragic backstory?

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