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Ch 3 Page 5

H-how do make handshake--

6 thoughts on “Ch 3 Page 5

  1. “You don’t know our names, but you know who we’re looking for? What’s your boss’ angle, and what will it really cost us?”

    And Ren STILL hasn’t answered the original question of why they should trust her. ><

    It must be really frustrating for Midori when she encounters one of her memory gaps. 🙁

    1. Never trust anyone who is not willing to give you specifics of why they want you.

  2. I like Ren’s vest. Irregular zippers are fun.

  3. She’s catching up. I get the impression that this is not a city where you should casually trust strangers.

  4. MatchaTea_IsForMe

    They’re still standing in the stairwell…that poor, poor disrespected sign.

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