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Ch 3 Page 26

Askin' the big questions here.

7 thoughts on “Ch 3 Page 26

  1. ummmm. Curious

  2. the guys’ expressions are so good and say so much… like, “uh, Midori, did you like……. forget what natural human beings look like???”

    1. Hehe XD Glad you like them!

  3. And an important piece of the puzzle flies through the air and clicks loudly onto place, while another hovers in the wings. ;

    And I doubt if she knows the answer to the hair question, since her functional memory isn’t that long….

    And a major upvote for superimposing Midori and Grey over the missing-persons poster wall in Panel 1. That’s some prime wordless storytelling. ^^

    1. Yup, one question answered but so many more pop up…

      So glad you like that opening panel! 😀 Always happy when the storytelling comes across well.

  4. Just read through the entire archive and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it! Your art is amazing and the story intrigues. I’ll definitely be following Centralia from now on.

    1. Aaa thank you so much! <3 I'm so happy you're enjoying it so far, I hope you enjoy what's the come!!

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