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Ch 3 Page 27

Turns out Grey knows more about Midori than she does...

5 thoughts on “Ch 3 Page 27

  1. Hmmmm, curiouser and curiouser. I wasn’t expecting that. O.o

    It would, however, help explain his relationship with his family….

    1. There’s certainly some strain there. We’ll find out why down the road…

  2. There’s someone else who knows more about Midori than Midori does. Someone who said ‘Midori… Midori… Wake up.’ That was Weiss, so she must know quite a bit about Midori’s amnesia, how she came to be where she was when she woke up, who she was before that, and so forth.
    The question that comes first to my mind is ‘Who was she before she woke up?’ As far as we know she doesn’t remember anything about her own past up to the point where she discovers herself walking across the street. But she was ‘someone’ when she stepped off the curb to cross the street…. The closest analogy seems to be ‘multiple personality disorder’ where one person has two or more personalities who may or may not know about each other. Probably created on purpose in this case using hypnosis, telepathy, or {insert technobabble here}. But why? It would be sort of like Midori had vanished in plain sight, and there would have to be a reason that that was necessary. I would bet that she needed Lumico not to find her, but who would I find to bet against? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see, like everybody else….
    If we weren’t forced to wait a whole long week between each page and the next, this would be one of those books you read straight through without noticing that you’ve been up all night.

    1. All great observations! I always enjoy your hypotheses. Even though I’m not at liberty to confirm or deny anything. ;>

      I wish I could get those updates out faster. I need a clone! In any case, I’m honored that it’d be a story worth losing sleep for! 😀

  3. Now you see, I had to go back to the beginning to discover that the cover art was relevant. I thought her green hair was just a girl thing. You know, a dye job. Sigh. That explains what that drunk was saying just before the VR scene. There should have been a better way to introduce such an important plot point.

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