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Ch 3 Page 28

Gen-mods: because "human GMO" sounds too creepy. But what does this mean for Midori...? PS- Don't forget to vote for Centralia on TopWebComics! Your vote helps more people see the comic! :3

10 thoughts on “Ch 3 Page 28

  1. ” …someone really wanted you to exist…” Yes, but as what? We know that she has superior physical strength and agility (from the armored robot bashing sequence), superior balance (standing on the parapet at the apartment), and a readiness to fight (Ren, drunken jerk at the oxygen bar). To me it suggests a warrior/assassin. Unless that’s a common occupation for a woman in their culture, it’s quite likely that she is supposed to be a surprise to some enemy or other.

    So why tag her with green hair? *Headscratch*

    Which brings us to Grey: What gave him away, and what’s his mod?

    Tantalizing questions, indeed. You’re quite good at this. ^^

    Oh, and you outdid yourself with the lighting–kudos, again. 🙂

    1. One question answered, but so many more appearing. We’ll be finding out some more about Grey down the line, though.

      Glad you like the lighting! :>

    2. Tagging her with green hair could make sense for a one-shot amnesiac assassin model. It doesn’t hurt them getting close to the target, but it ensures they are caught up to afterwards, and that fighting spirit makes it likely the police won’t take them alive.
      just my thoughts.

      1. Having green hair certainly does make someone easier to find… I suppose that’s not entirely a bad thing, depending on the plan!

  2. Green hair? Well somebody (Lumico?) probably suspects that there are those who will try to work against them. There would be multiple possibilities, but a person who has certain gen-mods would surely be one. (Especially one who interferes with the normal functioning of security bots/droids merely by being nearby, which seems to have happened.) If you are Lumico, with major resources at your command, you would likely expect possible enemies to be very carefully concealed, and would search for them accordingly. Green hair makes Midori stand out, so she’s not a likely candidate for a ‘deeply hidden’ anything. So whoever wanted Midori to exist apparently has a better (deeper) understanding of ‘high stakes’ hide and seek than Lumico.

    Well then…. The blackout was about 2 years ago, so unless someone knew they (Lumico) were planning something like ‘the blackout’ 20 or so years ago, this (specifically) was not why Midori exists. At that point the speculation could go so many different ways there’s no way to follow them….

    I will agree, though, that ‘human GMO’ sounds creepy. Gen-mod is definitely better.

    1. “…interferes with the normal functioning of security bots/droids…” by bashing them with a lead pipe!

      1. I mean, it certainly does do the trick :’D

  3. Thank you, Midori, for announcing what all of us are thinking exactly the way we are thinking it in panel 1.

  4. Just curious, but can you make colorized versions of panels 3 & 4 for use on TV Tropes?

    1. Hey Stevey! I may be able to do that. Could you send me an email at michelle@centralia2050.com with details?

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