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Ch 3 Page 29

Well... what'll it be? PS- I'm trying out a new comments plug-in, let me know what you think! Now you can like/dislike comments and it should be easier to keep track of replies. :> If you encounter any issues, let me know-- I'm still working out a few wrinkles.

18 thoughts on “Ch 3 Page 29

  1. He is putting pressure on them, so i dont think there is another way to go for the moment – but at least he is open that he wants to use them.

    I am only following you for a very short period, so i dont know how your earlier comment system was, but i personaly like this one.

    1. +1 for honesty!

      Glad you like the comments system, hoping to work out a few problems with it but I think it will be better than WordPress’s native comment system. 😀

    2. hey aren’t u the girl who also replies on replay?

  2. Thomas Torquemada

    Well, if he puts it like that:

    Given the choice of protection between a publicly governing body of bureaucrats, and a secret organisation of self-declared out-laws led my a charismatic man that conspires to undermine the public order, with no third alternative, I think everybody would agree.

    The obvious way would be to swear allegiance to the autocrat who promises to treat you like a dog.

    1. Ah, maybe my wording was a little weird on that one. Forrest means he protects others as though he were a guard dog, not that he thinks of others as dogs.

      In any case, I’ve swapped the line out because I realize “dogs” is potentially an offensive way to refer to someone. Hopefully the line makes a bit more sense now.

      1. I interpreted it the way you meant it, but since others didn’t I guess changing it was a good idea.

        1. Yeah, I don’t want there to be any potential confusion/negative connotations that I didn’t intend. D:

      2. Maybe with the right email my Gravatar will show up.

        1. Might be because of the new comments system. Still sorting a few things out!

      3. I am the reason the page was changed? I don’t know how I feel about that.

        Yes, I read it as him treating them like loyal dogs. Him being their loyal dog (when he is clearly the pack’s alpha) made less sense to me. Obviously he doesn’t mean to offend his vassals; I just had some fun with the phrasing.

        Your intent is much clearer now. Still, I feel like something has been lost.

        1. Not entirely; I ran the line by another person who agreed it was confusing, and I was a little iffy with it from the onset. So, better to go with my instinct on it and swap it out. I might find a better replacement line in the future, given some more time.

  3. Midori: The human EMP.. 🙂

    So all these missing people are part of a patent infringement dispute? O.o

    Btw, what’s the plug-in? I don;’t recognize it.

    1. Don’t take Midori to Best Buy!

      I’m trying out the wpdiscuz plugin. Right now it seems to only show up on individual comic pages and not always on the home page; working on fixing that!

  4. I found your comic via Top WebComics. I must say, not only do I love cyberpunk fiction (William Gibson had a major impact on how I write), but you also give me hope because I also run a black and white webcomic. A lot of people think B&W’s have half a million strikes against them, but you prove that good writing and artwork can trump all the modern-day bells and whistles!


    1. So happy you’re enjoying the comic, thank so you much for the wonderful feedback! :>

      B&W does has a tough time out-the-gate next to full-colour… but ultimately, people stick around for good stories, not pretty colours, y’know?

      1. To be honest, i am hearing this for the first time? Maybe i am just lucky to read a lot of b&w comics but i never had the feeling that they have such problems.

        But like you say, the presentation is just one part of it, the meat lies in the way the story is told – something can look fantastic, but if there is nothing behind it then it gets boring after a while (and i can say it only for myself – but i read many comics that i dropped because of this reason – and if i check my own top 10 Webcomic list there are six b&w comics up there)

  5. Midori and Weiss (and Grey) are gen-mods, Weiss is on the ‘missing’ list (though we have seen her), and Midori’s past is missing. The gen-mod company is a ‘sister-company’ to Lumico, which could mean anything from “the people who run them used to work together and are now at each others throats” to “there’s really just one company with two ‘public faces'”. If you’re trying to keep us guessing, you’re doing a great job of it.

    For instance, Midori was doing _something_ before Weiss woke her up… what was it? (And what was her name then?) And why isn’t anyone from that period of her life trying to find her? Someone should have filed a missing person report by now.

    The possibilities run as far as…. well, Midori could be a ‘mole’ for Lumico without knowing it. :O

    1. At this point, Midori could be behind the whole thing and not know it D:

      You’re right, though. There’s yet to be indication whether Midori is also considered missing, or that anyone is looking for her..

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