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Ch 4 Page 10

Grey, why do you have to ask the boring questions? Jeez. PS- It's a new month, so please help boost Centralia on TopWebComics by voting for it here! Your support helps the comic reach new eyeballs!

10 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 10

  1. Grey noticed “the elephant in the room”. 🙂

    I must admit that I was expecting Midori’s role to be something a bit more glamorous than standing around emitting static……

    1. Grey call’s em like he sees ’em!

      And yeah, Forrest might be wary of giving her TOO much right off the bat…

  2. This sounds all so … simple… I think Grey is somehow the only one at the moment who has an idea what they are up to and asks the right questions. Midori is a little bit too excited for this (and i love this childish “But i wanne do more” – at the end XD) – this brings a thought to my head about her…No not now, i think i will wait for another few pages before i say what i think…

    1. True, it’s a bit simplified here, in part because I didn’t want exposition on something that’ll be shown later anyway. D:

      Haha yeah, Midori was probably hoping to do some cool action-movie spy stuff… in any event, I look forward to your theories~!

      1. Oh don’t get me wrong, i didn’t think the way you wrote it, it was too easy, i think you nailed this scene – because most of the times if a group of people tries to get something done and the leader starts explaining, it somehow always sounds easy, and most of his followers just say yes because they believe he knows what he is doing XD

  3. What is the point of having a server if you can’t access it remotely?

    The best way to get remote access to a secured server is a well-placed phone call to the secretary, or a mole in the cleaning crew. But that is lacking in action and anything but dramatic.

    Actual spy stuff is really boring.

    Midori’s eagerness to beat someone up worries me.

    1. I guess you gotta store that data *somewhere*. And servers take up less space than the same amount of information in book form. That’s my guess at least.

    2. Lor said “…it’s all wired, so no remote access…”. I think she’s equating radio-frequency communications with the ability to hack remotely.

      And I know I’ve said it before, but I think Midori was designed for combat. Look back at her reaction to every form of provocation she encounters.

  4. panels are so dynamic!! well balanced! Really good job!

  5. Terribly dangerous and hopefully only moderately poorly thought out. I hope they are least have some kind of outfits to prevent ID by cameras.

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