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Ch 4 Page 9

It's not a bug, it's a feature!

9 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 9

  1. Hey, at least she found a non-lethal attack to use it also in combat situations even if it was just accidentally ^^

    One thing i noticed over the last pages, is, that you are getting better and better with lighting and shadows with every page, really good work 🙂

    Something i was curious, do you know a movie called “Paris 2054 – Renaissance”?

    1. Thank you! That means a lot, as I wasn’t feeling so confident with the page. I had to shade it using my Surface Pro, which is a little more difficult than on my desktop PC.

      I haven’t heard of that film, but it looks very stylish!

      1. Really, it’s really great to see how you improve and how you are working with shading and details in the pages 🙂

        The story of this film isn’t that amazing, but i highly recommend it for the way its drawn and what they are capable of with just black and white. I see a lot of people always saying that its not possible to create so much with just black and white and i always say, check out this movie who were able to create a whole scene with rain, darkness and people in cloaking devices and we can talk again later about “not possible” ^^

        But i was more curious because after finding it again my DVD collection the first thing that came to mind was Centralia (not they dont have a lot in common, only a utopia, mysteries and factions).

        1. Sounds like it would be interesting in terms of visual direction! I can forgive a lame story if I can learn some cool compositions, especially when it comes to monochromatic– it’s easier to appreciate compositions when everything is in stark black and white. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add it to my films to check out!

        2. Then definitive check it out – visually its really impressive – the trailer is already good looking but the full film is stunning – https://youtu.be/EBf9buCjX3Q

  2. “Let’s see what other wonderful things Midori can do. Grey, you will be a mechanic.” ><

    Lor's so cute when she's embarrassed. Which is a good thing, because she seems to be embarrassed a lot. ^^

    1. At least for Grey, he does enjoy this sort of work versus being in immediate danger. >>

      Haha, Lor is very shy and easily flustered!

  3. So is Lor a kid or not? Cause at first i thought she was cause of her avatar and personality but now she looks to be there age?

    1. She’s the youngest of the group at 18 (Though we can only guess Midori’s age). She’s not a kid, just a bit sheltered and unsure of herself, and likes nerdy things.

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