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Ch 4 Page 8

Midori may have joined Switch for the wrong reason--

18 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 8

  1. Midori stop being so adorable, except don’t actually because every rebel group needs their optimistic gung-ho go-getter.

    1. Yes! Haha. Someone’s gotta be the cute one, and I don’t see Grey stepping up to the task…

      1. No, but Lorelei is…

  2. This page is soo good, I’m loving the expressions!!
    Just a quick theory (which’ll probably be proved wrong), I’m wondering if Midori’s parents were part of Lumico and Midori was a “prototype” plan for the blackout (which would be helped by the gen-mod company being the sister company of Lumico)

    1. Happy you like the expressions! πŸ˜€ oooo interesting theory~ of course, my lips are sealed, but I love hearing these different ideas!

  3. Oh Midori… ^^
    But this has the build up to something very bad – like he might use Midori like a living EMP bomb :-/

    Again great work on this page, have to say, i love how much details you put into these pages without overloading them πŸ™‚

    1. True, hard to say what they have in mind…

      I’m happy you like the details! I admit I do like drawing all these random pipes and wires and junk, haha.

  4. A woman of “direct action”, I see. πŸ™‚

    I still say her responses and abilities are geared toward combat of some sort. In fact, I’m willing to bet that, if it came to such a thing, she could probably take down Mr. Personality at the front door. ^^

    Love the body language and the expressions, here. πŸ™‚

    1. If you mean Forrest, she’d surely try to beat him up if she had to. I mean, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

      Glad you like the acting! πŸ˜€ I try to make sure each character comes across in their own way.

      1. Actually, I was referring to Bruno. Forrest is still kind of sketchy to me, but not enough to deserve a pummeling–yet…..

        1. Ohhh Bruno! In that case, yeah, Midori would think he was fair game too. XD

  5. Well leave to Miss. Greener Than The Entire Green Wavelength so make torture seem like going to watch a movie. Still interesting little clue that her EMP-thing is tied to adrenaline, this explains why Mr. Future Roomba isn’t hurt ~two pages back as she seems more upset rather than stressed therefore not as much adrenaline would be produced. Also this suggests that she has biological processes, to use and produce adrenaline, therefore debunking my theory that midori is a robot however this raises some more interesting questions:
    β€’What causes the EMP effect?
    β€’How is the EMP device/organ controled?
    β€’How is she as strong as she is?
    Now to see if the emp is of biological processes or some sort of internal device we need to know what type of Pulse it is, now the most common type of natural EMP is ESD or ElectroStatic Discharge, you know static shocks, but whilst this definitely has the theoretical power to do so, e.g. Lighting or the fact it takes 4-30kv/cm to arc through air, but probably not as the human body can only produce between 10 and 100 millivolts pretty much waffle stomps that idea (however gene mods are a thing in this and electric eels can produce 600 volts) so it must be some form of machine probably powered by radiowaves or something like that, which already exist today e.g. The CHAMP weapon system, but if it is a device how is it controlled its it some form hormone sensor or its it directly wired into her brain, ala COD black ops 3. Now im really tired so ill come and finish this tomorrow so bye bye for now.

    1. Then this raises the question of how it is powered? As we see in the last page the field stretches for about 7 feet, this would need momentous amounts of power as a basic EMP device made using a ~300v capacitor has a range of 2-3 inches so ignoring resistance and wave degradation over distance you would need ~12600 volts (12/2 = 6 β€’ 300 = 1800 volts per foot, therefore 1800 β€’ 7 = 12600) and then this emp appears to be always active so thats 13000 volts pretty much continuously being dumped as a screen or camera resets multiple times every 1/2 second, these parts of a device are shielded less that the main systems of a device due to their functions and so are more likely to be effected. To put this value in perspective most substations step down powerlines to 2000-13000 volts before it reaches your local pole transformer or 21eels discharging.

      1. Therefore I now suspect that Midori is some form of cyborg as has biological processes(though they could be simulated?) and opens up many ways to explain away the power requirements of the EMP.


        1. I too can’t offer any corrections, as my math abilities are just abysmal :’D
          Nonetheless, it’s an interesting theory, we’ll see how it pans out… but you’re right, it does seem like her effect isn’t uniform across all devices, which may indeed be tied to something biological.

  6. Ok so just caught up with you guys. I am glad I found this comic, with all the anime styled artwork comics out there its nice to find one with such beautiful unique style! Pluse this story is really interesting to. I think you can count me in for the long haul to the end πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much Howard!! It makes my day to hear the artwork is beautiful and unique <3 I hope you enjoy what's to come!

  7. “Just show me the nifty moves so I can start trashing bozos!”
    “Mid’ Gruberman, you fail to grasp Ti-kwan-leap. Approach me that you might see.”

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