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Ch 4 Page 7

15 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 7

  1. That phone is in surprisingly good condition for an antique.

    What is that which Forrest has on the back of his left hand?
    Is it a semiconducting tatoo? Or the logo of a boyband from the fourties?

    1. It’s an access for his computer and the door security.

      1. Which just happens to be in the design of the logo of a boyband from the forties! ;D

  2. He’s a man if few words–and several unexpected actions. 🙂

    1. Like Midori, Forrest tends to be off in his own world… >>

  3. I don’t think that phone is an antique. Two plausible explanations: First, it may just be ‘retro’. A stylish imitation of a phone from the distant past (like 2025 or even 2015). Second, and more likely, I think, phones are that size and shape in 2050 for the same reasons they are now: Big enough to show a LOT of info that you can actually read, and thin to be light.

    With initial types of flexible displays and circuits even now, a phone like that, made in 2050, might be bendable and shock resistant to the point where somebody could run over it with a tank and you could then use the phone to report the location of the stolen tank. (That might be a bit of exaggeration, but don’t put a lot of cash on that bet. (If cash still exists then. (I’m doomed. I’m using nested parentheses!)))

    Anyhoo, I think Midori could have just stepped out of the way and then picked the phone up off the floor. But really, who does that? When someone throws something small at you unexpectedly, you always try to catch it. I do, and I’m about as good at ‘(surprise! catch!)’ as Midori… or close, at least, I hope. Well if they threw it and I panicked and stepped out of the way, I’m not actually the one who broke it. Right?


    1. Agreed, I think phones would more or less have the same shape, with better functionality/durability. When you look up “futuristic phone”, you get a lot of transparent phones that, honestly, look stupid to me. :v It might look cool and futuristic to have a see-through phone, but it’s not a practical design. The fixation on futuristic= transparent/holographic bugs me from a functionality point of view. /rant

      But yeah, who knows? Maybe if Midori didn’t catch it, it would’ve rocketed off the floor like a superball. XD

      1. Yes, see-through displays are impractical. And the future is not futuristic. It is boringly mundane, but unimaginably alien until it just happens to suddenly be the norm.

        But today’s cell phones are also impractical trade-offs. You want a big display that is small enough to fit in your pocket. You want it to be light and hold it next to your head, but also flat. You want it thin, but with long battery life.

        I expect today’s glass slab design to be replaced with slim and unobtrusive head-mounted AR within the next twenty years, about the time self-driving cars make car ownership comparable to owning a horse today.

    2. 30 years ago is hardly the distant past. It is well within living memory.

      I like the idea of a phone that is flexible and capable of withstanding tank tracks.

  4. Stand by for FIZZT when she touches the phone. 🙂

    Great action poses. and Midori’s expression in the last panel is pure gold. ^^

    1. Hopefully it was a burner phone?

      Haha, Midori does have quite an elastic face!

  5. I sometimes have the feeling Midori is a magnet for people experimenting with her XD

    Love this page, because of the “underground feel” – even if you have never seen a page before you immediately think of a dystopian city 🙂 – ok alien horror story XD

    1. Poor Midori :’D she ought to be less weird!

      Glad the secretive underground feel comes across!

  6. Such a good storyline, binged it all in one day XD
    Wish it would update more, do you do this comic full-time? I know life is busy

    1. I’m so happy you’re liking the comic so far!! Right now I do the comic part-time, when I’m not doing freelance storyboard jobs. I’d love to update faster, but with each page taking about 10-12 hrs a week, I can only do 1 per week. Maybe someday I will have the means to update more frequently. :>

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