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Ch 4 Page 13

I do think our dear Grey needs a break.

11 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 13

  1. Skulls! Happy New Year everyone! When auld acquaintance we forgot and never brought to mind…when auld acquaintance we forgot and auld lang syne…auld lang syne my dear, auld lang syne..we take a cup of kindness yet, to auld lang syne…

    1. That song makes a lot more sense when I realize it’s not “all acquaintance”… and I didn’t even know that other part!

      Happy new year to you as well! 😀

  2. When I first read this, I thought: “Wait, Lor’s not old enough to drink?”
    Then I suddenly remembered that 21 is the legal drinking age in the USA, while here in Canada, 19 is the legal drinking age (18 in a few provinces). Clearly, we’re a bunch of drunks up here North of the boarder :T

    1. It’s a pretty dumb law, considering you can do just about anything else at 18. Well, in California you have to be 21 now to smoke, so there’s that.

      Though most people skirt the rules anyway and drink before 21 >_>

      1. Absolutely! We all skirted the rules when we were young. Well, except me because I was a little goodie two shoes -_-

        1. I waited till I was 22 but I was a bit of a goodie goodie to lol. we will just have to guess how old Midori is cause she is not talking:)… or she may not even remember..

        2. Nothing wrong with good behaviour~! You’d get along well with Lor. 😀

  3. Happy New Year, 2018. In another 32 years it will be January 1st, 2050, and all the events and intrigue in Centralia 2050 will be underway. Meanwhile we have other problems to deal with, but I’m not going to start a political discussion (argument) here.

    I’m also supporting the point that 18 is a much more logical choice for drinking age than 21. A case can be made that a ‘legal drinking age’ as such doesn’t actually do any good. What helps is having help available for anyone who has a drinking problem, without any stigma for needing help. Enough of that though… happy 2018 to all and to all a good night.


    1. Let’s hope we’ve left some of those problems of the present behind by then, but of course, things tend to have rippling effects…

      Happy 2018 to you~!

  4. Whatever the drinking age in Centralia is, the fact that Lor isn’t even that old explains a lot about her shyness…..

    “Do you know what that is?” “Nope, but I like celebrating” Stop it! You’re killing me here! ^^

    Um a tipsy Midori would seem to be a force to be reckoned with…. O.o

    And the expressions here are even better than last page. ^^

    1. I’d certainly hate to find out if a tipsy/drunk Midori is even tougher than a sober one…

      Glad you’re liking the expressions, I’ve been having fun with the Midori faces of this scene >u>

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