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Ch 4 Page 14

Ask and ye shall receive.

11 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 14

  1. poor Midori… XD

    1. Maybe she’ll think next time? :’D

  2. Oh-no, poor Midori! Maybe she shouldn’t have tried to be so tough in front of everyone >.< Oh, and by the way Michelle, you're doing a really good job of showing how your characters express what they're feeling in each panel. Especially in the last two panels 😀

    1. Glad you like the acting! :>

      Yeah, Midori should probably stop overdoing it…

  3. Quaff (verb): To drink copiously, especially in a bold or aggressive manner. To gulp, to toss down, to guzzle.

    That first drink hit her pretty fast. She’ll probably regret this in the morning. ^^

    Cojones? Ah, um, well….BRASHNESS, at any rate…..

    1. It doesn’t help that Midori is the smallest one of the group… But it seems Grey’s clocked out of his “Keep Midori from getting in trouble” job today.

  4. Everyone remembers there first shit. Like someone lit a fire in there belly! I love that face she is making in that last panel ha ha. Like “Yea I didn’t think this through” lol

    1. Especially doesn’t help when you take the shot all wrong. Ouch!

  5. I love the first three panels so much

    1. Grey’s having a little too much fun XD

  6. Aaand this is why drinking alcohol is such a stupid idea. Let’s celebrate by murdering some brain cells. And it doesn’t prove anything positive about your character. Cojones my ass.

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