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Ch 4 Page 19

Well. Forrest and Midori both learned something today.   Like this page? Buy Midori a coffee!

13 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 19

  1. I feel really bad for that jacket…

    1. It looked like such a nice and comfortable jacket too.

    2. Yeah… karma’s a pain :’D

  2. At least we now know alcohol is something to keep away from her ^^

    I love how Lor looks here on this page – she looks so cute and innocent but let’s face it, she is a sly old dog XD

    1. I think Midori also knows to stay away from alcohol now. (At least too much, too fast.)

      I also think Lor looks cute and innocent. And she really is! She’s like the raccoon that gets into your garbage; she thinks it’s loads of fun to break security on your system that you (silly person) think is secure!

      And if you are Switch working in Lumiere’s world… you really need people like Lor working on your side. And don’t worry that she doesn’t seem to take it that seriously. She’s doing it because it’s fun, which means (working or not) she’s thinking about your security 24 hrs a day. (Yes, even when she’s asleep!)

      I know. I’ve been there.

    2. Yes, it seems she’s better off sticking with coffee!

      Lor can be a tricky one… at least, she’s pretty good at finding workarounds.

  3. So Lor’s more than just a flustered face, she also has deeper levels of guile–I approve! ^^

    Well, Michelle, you managed to top yourself. This is even funnier than the last page. 🙂

    If you keep this up I’m going to get a hernia from laughing so much. ^^

    1. Yes! Lor does best when she’s within her element.

      Aaa I’m glad you liked this scene!! 😀 It was a fun little bit before we get to more serious stuff.

  4. I had all the details wrong, but Lor changed Forest’s mind similarly to the way I expected.

    Ren has it right and when ‘one of the cute ones’ looks like Midori in panel 8… It’s too late to start running. ;-/

    Best line though: ‘Still not cleaning that!’

    1. Aaa, so you had a feeling that Lor would persuade him somehow. Good hunch!

      Ren is still a woman of her word, after all. We can only imagine who got to mop that one up

      (probably Forrest)

  5. Hey so, I’m a new fan of Centralia 2050 and I was actually going to support you on Patreon but I can’t at the moment because my financial situation is a bit unstable lately, but as soon as I can I’ll support 100% Your coic is absolutely fantatic!

    1. No worries, thank you!

  6. There goes the body’s defense system against alcohol poisoning. Seriously, the body can become enured to almost any poison, that doesn’t mean you should keep consuming it.

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