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Ch 4 Page 20

Midori sets off without Grey, thus putting Ren in charge of poking fun at her.     Like this page? Buy me a coffee! ☕

15 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 20

  1. Poor Midori, this will hunt her for quite a while XD
    Breaking and Entering – Always the best time for relation questions

    And good work on the backgrounds on this page – especially the first panel looks great 🙂

    1. Maybe Midori will be more careful to not embarrass herself in the future :’D

      Glad you like those backgrounds!

  2. Breaking in, it’s all chill business!

  3. They’re going to have to find her more suitable clothing for skulking about. Skirts tend to snag on things. 🙁

    Why, Michelle, why? Why do you torture yourself with drawing things like chain link fences. I’ll bet your fingers are STILL cramped. O.o

    Great work, though. ^^

    1. Yeah… Midori’s outfit isn’t conducive to climbing, but it’s all she’s got.

      Haha don’t worry, aside from those close-ups, I have a handy way of doing the fences that doesn’t require me to draw a bunch of links. My hands are saved for now!

  4. Your work when you started this comic was great Michelle, but I have noticed the little things you’re doing and I think your attention to detail is really paying off. You’ve improved so much!
    Drawing that fence, choosing the best perspectives and angles, organizing and setting up all of those panels… I could keep going, but I think everyone understands what I mean – it all takes time and careful consideration, and it shows.
    One last thing, I think Matt deserves some props too. I know you guys bounce ideas off of eachother and I feel certain that his feedback has been another important aspect of this comic, so good work you guys!

    1. I really appreciate it! I try to find a good balance between having good artwork and delivering a page on time, and I do think I’ve found a better workflow as time has gone by.

      Matt’s definitely a great help when I’m brainstorming a new chapter. 🙂 We’ve both been hard at work on our respective comics for a while now, but he’ll surely be helping me bounce ideas for chapter 5 soon enough.

  5. Hey, you got the front page on Tapastic! Congrats 😀

  6. Aw darn it… okay, a small beef I have has come up here, forgive me in advance for being negative nancy. But I find it disappointing that, yet again, the reasoning for “why we aren’t together” between a guy and girl character important to a story is the carte blanche answer of “I’m gay.” It feels like the reason can never be simply, “We don’t feel that way about each other,” as if it’s THAT unbelievable that a straight guy and girl could be friends and unattached without being attracted to each other. That probably isn’t the reasoning behind your doing it, it’s just a bit disappointing seeing it again because it happens so often these days as to feel like a cliche. I mean, I could easily see every bit of this dialogue working even if the sentence “I’m gay” was removed.

    On a more positive note, the girl squad is off on ADVENTURES! And lol, poor Midori is going to be agonizing over that puking incident for ages, isn’t she. XD;;; Also I agree with one of the other commenters, THAT FENCE WOW SO NICE

    1. Heya! So, about Ren:

      I didn’t design her character as gay as a plot device; it’s simply who she is. I agree, having a character be gay purely for the sake of a male-female platonic relationship is problematic. That’s because one character’s sexuality is being used more as a disappointment to the straight character, who we’d assume might have romantic feelings. But Forrest never pursued Ren romantically; for that matter, his orientation isn’t defined in-story yet either.

      Ren says “I’m gay” so plainly because it’s just a part of her. It’s not something she has to explain to people off the bat, but if it comes up, she doesn’t feel a need to dance around it. Honestly, I don’t believe non-hetero characters need a reason for existing in a story. That’s not to say that’s what you’re getting at, but because some folks feel that way I want to be clear.

      That said, Midori and Grey are currently another pair of male-female friends. 🙂 And yes! Girl squad is go! I’m actually really looking forward to this upcoming female-led mission.

  7. Um, Michelle? All of your replies, @William30Darby’s second comment, and @Riverfox237’s comment appear on my laptop as white lettering on a white background. I can see that something is there, but I can’t make out what it is.

    EDIT: It just fixed itself–never mind. ^^

    1. Odd, let me know if it happens again!

  8. These idiots aren’t wearing masks and nondescript clothing.

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