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Ch 4 Page 21

Painful memories, or no memories; what's worse?

9 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 21

  1. There are painful memories that I would like to forget, but they’re not the only memories that I have. Every memory that I’ve made for myself is a part of who I am, and who I am is important; not only to myself, but also to everyone that I love. For me, having no memories would be worse. But, what about you? Which do you think is worse?

    1. Hmm… I’m a little bit of both. Painful memories are still lessons learned and shape who we are, but some memories just weigh me down and hold me back. That’s the kind of stuff I wish I could forget.

  2. Even regrets are better than emptiness.

    1. But that emptiness is the memory that you had memories. If you really have no memories at all you don’t know that there were memories to be forgotten, like being reincarnated, I suppose.

      1. Hmm… I think even without memories, just knowing it’s something others have and you don’t might leave you feeling incomplete.

  3. Stupid question, hon.

  4. +Archangel: I think it’s a fair question.

  5. To live is to have memories, whether good or bad. Memories are part of who we are and help guide and define us as we continue too move on in life (that is if we learn anything from good or bad experiences!). To have no memories is much worse, cause it means you have never lived.

    1. A very good point! Even with hurtful memories, it’s still part of a bigger picture of our life.

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