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Ch 4 Page 23

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15 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 23

  1. Wow now that’s a setup! I use to have a dual screen setup with a gaming computer but she has like 5 pc’s all slaved together with 4 monitors wow! Also I love all the action figures.

    1. Only the best and most powerful for our dear Lorelei 😀

  2. I am enjoying the current vote incentive: happy Midori in a variety of cute outfits! Is a pleasant sight to see after my daily vote.

    1. Glad you like it!! And thanks so much for the daily vote, you rock! <3

  3. They’re using TOMO? Around Midori? Aluminum foam barrier or not, isn’t that kind of iffy? O.o

    1. It might not be 100% foolproof, but it can at least damper EMP effects while still allowing for wireless communication.

  4. If it’s a bad mod, I wonder if it could be fixed so she doesn’t have to keep taking medication? However, this is assuming that someone’s DNA can be modded at any point during their lifetime. Which… if that is the case… Anyway, I’m just spewing wild speculations. I’m sure it will all be answered next week. Good stuff Michelle 🙂 I like Grey’s shirt! I used to wear something similar to that when I was in college 😀

    1. No clue as to what the details are in this story, but I absolutely loved the explanation on not being able to fix the lifespan of replicants by altering their DNA in the original blade runner, sound science or not. If you’ve got the chance you should try to find a clip.

      1. Hi Vanya! Unfortunately, I have yet to watch Bladerunner. However, I did look up a video on YouTube that explained what replicants are, and the concept of a replicant oddly fits in with some speculations that I have had about Midori. I’ll keep quiet about it for now, as part of the fun is seeing if any of my character speculations are later proven right, or wrong.

        1. It’s a good film! Still haven’t seen the new one, though it’s on my movies list.

          As for fixing a mod, it’s more plausible to alter the genes of an embryo than of a grown person. Gene therapy does exist, but it can’t necessarily erase every type of genetic ailment.

        2. The new one really isn’t up to par in my opinion. It seems to ignore / twist some of the source material, and the world doesn’t feel nearly as developed as the original. A few of the newer characters were really interesting, though.

        3. Ah, that’s too bad. I’ll probably still check it out, at least for the visuals.

  5. Hi Michelle, sorry about this, but something different happens whenever I try to reply to a comment. Even though I click on the reply link, but it creates a new thread and it isn’t until after my comment is posted that the site actually allows me to reply to a discussion thread. Weird stuff O.o Anyway, thought you should know.

    1. Oh? That’s super weird, I’ll see if anyone else is reporting this problem with the plugin. Is this a new problem?

      1. It’s only happened to me a couple of times so far. Just recently when I responded to Vanya, and one other time a while back. It seems to be working now though.

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