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Ch 4 Page 24

Lor's just happy to be here. But what about Grey?

14 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 24

  1. I don’t know how severe Lor’s condition is, but I gotta give her props for staying positive. And, she’s right – pills really aren’t as bad as other alternatives.

    1. It can be tough to stay positive, especially when facing a lifelong illness. But, well, better to live happy to the best of your abilities.

  2. Yes, Lor, yes he is. Just don’t jump to the same place Midori was going about it….

    And, Grey, you owe her for the “robot” comment, so dish.

    Speaking of robots, has Midori had a bath since she woke up? does she need one? >>

    1. Bahaha, if she does need a bath, I’m sure Grey’s strongly suggested it by now.

  3. Lor is so cute! I love her attitude!

    1. She’s a glass-half-full kinda gal 😀

  4. Lor is definitely a robot.

    1. She nailed that pose a little TOO well…

      1. Maybe she’s been watching old Shields and Yarnell stuff on youtube (or Lumico bought it and changed it to ‘Lutube’).

  5. hmm why show his smokes in that shot maybe those are his meds for his screwed up gen mod?! Yea that was a long shot sorry lol.

    1. Her robot pose is adorable lol kids are so funny. They are the most blunt when it comes to stuff like that I can’t tell you how many kids I have had point and stare at me cause my height lol

      1. They’re pretty funny! I’m amazed at some of the weird stuff that comes out of my baby nephew’s mouth.

    2. Prescription cigarettes! Haha.

      Well, they’re certainly the antithesis of wellness, and Grey’s choosing to use them…

  6. Lor has a well developed sense of humor and the self confidence to realize that Grey is not making fun of her (and to give as good as she gets). I really like her.

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