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Ch 4 Page 25

Careful, Grey, you almost opened up to another person. And we just can't have that! Like this page? Buy me a coffee! ☕

6 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 25

  1. “Okay, you two. Enough chit-chat. Focus 0n the job at hand. :)”

    Wise beyond her years, she is, Grey. Listen to her, you should.

    1. Dangerous paths before you lie:
      – Listen to Lor, accept the support she is offering. The barrier you have worked so hard to build will soften and become porous. Your feelings will start to get out and others to get in.
      – Concentrate on keeping the barrier strong and impervious to the feelings of others and yourself. The final result will be the same, but it will take much longer and will be much more painful as the barrier sloooooooowly weakens.

      Have a nice trip, whichever course you choose. :O

      And may Lor be with you. ;-}}

  2. It’s so frustrating; Something similar happens to me almost everytime I open up to someone in person, lol

  3. Lor: “Angst? What angst?”

  4. Saved by the video message! Its for the best I think if he is gonna open up to anybody it should be Midori. And wow Lor really is an adult after all, and wise for her age.

  5. Can I keep her? I promise to brush her and feed her and take her for walks! 😛

    Seriously, if I ever have a daughter I’d love for her to turn out so well.

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