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Ch 4 Page 30

Oh Midori, how nostalgic for you! Like this page? Buy me a coffee! ☕ PS- My schedule is thoroughly swamped, so the updates may be a little sporadic through May. Going to do my best to update on time for the next two weekends, but apologies in advance if I have to miss an update.

5 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 30

  1. Do all their installations have the same floor plan, or is she really back to square one? O.o

    Don’t fret about posting. Your work is worth waiting for.. ^^

    1. Thank you for your patience!! And, different building, with a more large-scale setup. Their network is decentralized, so there are a few security hubs scattered across the city.

  2. All these pictures within pictures must have taken forever to do this page. Very cool

    1. I admit that these weren’t drawn from scratch, rather collaged from previous city shots in the comic. Otherwise it would’ve likely taken forever!

  3. They really are like “Big Brother”. Switch has eyes everywhere.

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